Afloat, a short story.

  May I never see a smog filled city again. May my lungs never have to gasp for untainted oxygen. I pray that my eye will never again well up at all the particulates stinging them. Had I not been in such a rush to leave this blasted ground I might have inscribed these words […]

The Musket, a Dream

I wake into a dream as always, at the start, it all seems serene But as I dive deeper and deeper into a nightly pit I find myself on a battlefield with a Musket, shot, and shell.   I am in a burrow, with three other men. One sits, depressed, with his rifle over a […]

Dreams 7-17-18

“In Council”   What I hold to be revered, a sum of all my thoughts and fears. This dreary night, I take flight, toward endless stars, my soul alight. Were I to jot down what I see, the world would be as resplendent as my soul, which truly is now, free.   This night however, […]

Two short stories.

“Travelers”   I’ve always wondered what was on the other side. It’s cold and dark in the place I am accustomed too. Most people here don’t even know that there is something beyond the shroud of shadows. I found out by accident; it was a dream. As far as dreams go, it is nothing special, […]

Dreams July 4th, 2018

Relinquished   Were I any other man, my request would not be denied. Yet as I stand here amongst my peers, I am sneered at and taunted. In plain speak, I made no request, as the act would be futile. But while I stand here I realize something is afoot. The pack leader of those […]