Immortal – a Musing

In dreams they lie Forgotten and horrendous Simply they walk In garb of stars and black Terror grips their steps as the curtain falls To hear them whisper Is to invite madness profound To hear them laugh is to slake the mortal coil Upon these dreams I do now wake In darkness immortal My cup […]

Dreams 7-18-18

‘Tis a strange sensation that my dreams would take me to places of eld. Old institutions of learning where the young learn the ways of the world. Though I myself have walked their halls and fields, in my dreams, the players are quite different. Common children are now mages. Teachers peruse tomes filled with pages. […]

Two short stories.

“Travelers”   I’ve always wondered what was on the other side. It’s cold and dark in the place I am accustomed too. Most people here don’t even know that there is something beyond the shroud of shadows. I found out by accident; it was a dream. As far as dreams go, it is nothing special, […]