A Vision

Twas on a cold barren night; I lay still upon the grass. My pipe ember smolders beside me; a puff taken hours ago. I made clear my intent to the green herb, I sought the Shamans wisdom, I sought to cleanse my soul. My father, still living, scorned me from afar, but did not impede. […]

Anxiety, A Conversation

Anxiety   It’s like a gripping tendril of un-comfortability. The worry at very little or absolutely nothing would not trigger in the sane a lasting ill. For those like myself, a simple sentence from a friend or even a stranger can trigger a slight panic that avalanches into true turmoil. The pensive nature of a […]

Should… A Poem

Should… Should madness grace me here this night, I’ll sever pen from this eerie dusk light. And mark the note, so clear, with angel flight, To hear the song, of divine and ancient might. I’ll pause my quill and rest my ears on a chord that sings, sublime, away my fears. Through all my hopes […]

In Conversations #1

Growth   There is one thing I’ve observed in all organic matter. And that is change. Specifically, growth. It would seem apparent that all living things change, grow, and evolve. What starts off as a meager seed can become a towering redwood. What begins as an egg can hatch a creature seemingly kissed by the […]

Tears, A Talk

Tears   A feeling, thus profound, that a soul could only shudder in its wake. The sensation that flows through the very core of human being; an emotion that only God could make. The senses revel in the majestic torrent of perception, a gift so divine that even a stalwart man would be brought to […]

Hospitals, A PSA

You go to them to get well. They have trained professionals and assistants to cure any variety of maladies. But the truth is, their remedies don’t always work.   The inevitable end of any incurable disease is simply symptom management. The medicines, expensive as they are, do very little and must be taken in bulk. […]

Once, A Short Story.

I saw her once…and then…no more. It was as if Heaven had kissed the Earth for but a moment…and all was right with the world. She looked as if she was descended from the Throne itself, a gleaming, bright jewel, among millions, that decorated the very sky. The world no longer seemed like such a […]